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Healthcare is changing. Hamilton is changing.
The Hamilton Family Health Team is changing.
As our city continues to thrive and grow, so does the Hamilton Family Health Team. This past year, we have developed more clinical services to reach more Hamiltonians, we are working on strategies to make it easier for patients to receive care close to where they live or work, and we are advocating — in a big way — to make sure that patients in Hamilton and beyond are receiving high quality care that is safe and reliable. Interested in knowing more? Click the down arrows to read through our report and get all of the details.

Building community wellness remains a core focus of the HFHT. This past year, we’ve focused on providing wider access to nutrition and mental health groups to patients of physicians in the HFHT and beyond, along with offering a simplified process for TB screening for patients of any family doctor in Hamilton — all while raising awareness about health and social issues in our 166 practices across the city.
Our team is dedicated to helping patients live their best lives! Keep reading to learn more about what we’ve been up to this past year.

New HFHT Mental Health and Nutrition Groups
We’re always looking for effective and efficient ways to help patients keep their health on track. This past year, we partnered with the McMaster Family Health Team to make more health groups available for more patients in Hamilton. We are now able to share our groups with patients of the McMaster Family Health Team, as well as patients of other family doctors in Hamilton.
Three brand-new group programs — Peer-Led Mental Wellness Recovery, Supermarket Smarts, and Cooking for Better Health: Diabetes-Friendly Cooking Series — bring fresh ideas and new skills to help our patients stay healthy.
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Hamilton Community TB Screening Clinic
We believe that collaborating with others will help us deliver the best quality care to as many Hamiltonians as possible. This past year, we partnered with other health care providers in our city to open the Hamilton Community Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Clinic. Any patient who requires a TB test for work, education, or volunteering purposes can make an appointment with the clinic, regardless of whether their family doctor is part of the Hamilton Family Health Team.

Raising Awareness About Health and Social Issues
We know there’s a lot of health information to keep up with in today’s world. We have been challenging teams in each of our clinics to come up with fun ways to educate patients about different health and social issues that can impact quality of life and wellness. Drs. Davis, Ow, Saeed, and Zrinscak and their team of nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, mental health counsellors, and administrative staff have gone above and beyond to help patients learn more about health issues that could affect them.

Meet One of Our Shining Stars
Ever wondered what it’s like being a nurse in a busy family physician’s office? Niki Heymans, Registered Nurse, can tell you all about it. Niki has been working at a Hamilton Family Health Team clinic, Rosedale Medical, for over seven years. We sat down with Niki to hear more about her passion for nursing and what being part of the Hamilton Family Health Team means for her.

We Respond to the Needs of the Community
Lately, much media attention has been focused on the opioid crisis and the legalization of marijuana. HFHT pharmacists, in collaboration with family physicians and pain specialists, will be providing a number of educational events and will develop tools to address the needs of our population, reduce the health-related risks of using opioids and cannabis, and to prepare us for the new era of legalized marijuana.

Addressing Complex Mental Health Issues
We know that treating mental health problems can be complicated. The good news is, we have an excellent team of psychiatrists who are up to the task. In the last year, HFHT psychiatrists saw 1,397 new patients, and our psychiatrists have supported family doctors by giving them advice through indirect consultations. By developing more efficient systems and reducing no-show and cancellation rates, we have been able to increase the number of new patients seen by nearly 60% over the past three years, without increasing the number of psychiatrists on our team.

A Patient’s Story
Many patients have a life-long relationship with their family doctor. We know that in order to stay healthy, it is important for a patient to have a trusting relationship with their health care team. We do our best to develop high-functioning teams so that patients receive excellent care. For Mair Davies, a patient of HFHT physician Dr. Geoffrey Holdway for over 20 years, good listening skills and a team-based approach to care have gone a long way toward this goal.

Delivering Quality Care – and Results
Serving more than 275,000 patients in over 90 HFHT clinics across Hamilton is not a responsibility we take lightly! Our 166 physicians and over 250 allied health professionals and support staff constantly strive to improve access to quality care so Hamiltonians can live their healthiest lives.
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More Ways to Reach You
This past year, we’ve become active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so that you can stay up to date on our services and get tips for healthy living while on the go!
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Moving Ahead with Our Strategic Plan
In last year’s report, we shared with you our new Strategic Plan and 10 Core Directions. We’re focusing on improving the integration of health and social services to increase patients’ access to care, involving our patients in the planning of health care service delivery, and thinking critically about the way we use health care resources.
Read through the next few slides to learn more about the ways we continue to put our vision of “A Healthier Hamilton” at the forefront.

The Patient’s Medical Home: Bringing HFHT Services to Hamilton Neighbourhoods
Under the leadership of our Board Quality Committee, we’re working to make it easier for patients to access primary health care and other social services in their own neighbourhoods. We are also working on improving integration with local hospitals to create seamless care for patients when they use hospital-based services. We know that patients need to be able to access the right care in the right place at the right time, and we’re dedicated to making that happen.

We Advocate for Health and Wellness
We advocate for system improvement that optimizes the health and wellbeing of the patients, families, communities, and populations we serve. In fact, our organization made recent newspaper headlines by publicly calling into question the way that some pharmaceutical companies influence health care providers’ prescribing practices. Our advocacy efforts successfully led to a landmark decision by the Ontario Health Minister, Dr. Eric Hoskins.
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Keeping Tabs on Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction matters. We work with our family physicians and teams to help patients get the care they need in a timely manner. We also regularly collect feedback from patients, so that we can adjust our services to better meet patient needs.
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Practicing Wisely: Carefully Considering the Way We Use Health Care Resources
The HFHT is committed to “Practicing Wisely” — that is, questioning the risks, benefits, and necessity of tests and treatments, and engaging in conversations with patients about how to make smart and effective care choices. We’ve developed a Practicing Wisely Committee to share information about unnecessary tests and treatments with patients and other members of our team. We get our information from Choosing Wisely Canada, a national organization that is part of a global movement toward reducing unnecessary care.

Learn more about how our funding is distributed to our practices across Hamilton and how much funding each of our programs receives. You can also view our balance sheet.